Material Mama Podcast Coming Soon to an MP3 player to you!

Coming Soon! Material Mama Podcast


Shouldn’t you be sewing? This space is reserved for my new endevour, Material Mama. A podcast all about fashion sewing for your family. I’m looking to the first week of September to have my first installment.

For now, you can visit me at Sewing Mamas or CookiePants. I also have a blog, Juggling Jello, about my trevails as an old fashioned mama in the new century

If you’d like to hear some wonderful podcasts about sewing, and crafting in general I have found a few here:
Grandma’s Sewing Cabinet Podcast

Boutique Cafe

Project Runway — Tim’s Take Podcast


One thought on “Material Mama Podcast Coming Soon to an MP3 player to you!

  1. Maria says:

    I LOVED this podcast! I am a novice. My mom used to sew many outfits for me when I was little. I always wanted to get a sewing machine, and had not been able to get one until after my fourth child. I would LOVE to make clothes for them! Your podcast gives me the confidence to try. So far I have only been able to sew blankets & pillows. I’ve even attempted to make my own taggies blanket for my Godson. I have a Huskystar 224 which seems to have held up for 9 months now.
    Thanks again for the podcast and I can’t wait for new ones!
    Maria L
    Gainesville, Fl

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