Material Mama Show Notes Podcast #1!

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Welcome to my first podcast!

I had all three of my girls poking me some or most of the time, so I may sound a little disjointed. Plus I’m still learning about this podcasting stuff. I’d love to hear your ideas for future shows!

Grandma’s Machine

My Mama’s Machine

Thank you SO much for taking a listen! I know it’s really homespun, and I know I flubbed a few times but hey, that’s me and my first try. If you get a moment, please vote for my podcast on Podcast Alley. It helps get the word out about sewing!

Next week — Material Mama’s Sewing Manifesto!

7 thoughts on “Material Mama Show Notes Podcast #1!

  1. Mary T says:

    Hi Materialmama! I was directed to your podcast from I do the podcasts there, so I was interested in hearing yours! Great idea you have here and I enjoyed listening to your podcast. So you have a 15 yr old who isn’t interested in you sewing for her? I feel your pain – mine is not just uninterested, but has forbidden me! You have a lovely clear voice, keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Mary! I had no idea Pattern Review had a podcast. I’ll have to look it up on iTunes.

    I did get her some black knit with cute (well cute as they can be I suppose) skull and crossbones. I’ll have to chat about that next time 😉

  3. Great show! Thanks for the mention on it. I did have a little trouble finding it, though. When I put in, it didn’t come up. Am I misunderstanding somewhere? I want to be sure to send my listeners over for a listen.


  4. Great job, Meg! My sons are 6 and 2 and I don’t have any daughters. Ottobre is the best I have found for boys patterns but there are a couple of ok Burda boy patterns out there too.

  5. Meg:
    Amazing blog and great podcast! I love it. I’m excited about how all this technology can help stir up the interest in the craft. This will be great resource for folks, and a whole lot of fun!

    Consider Suzanne and I, on the edge of our podcasting seats!

    You are SO cuttin’ edge! love ya!


  6. Katie (ZandLsMom) says:

    LOVED this podcast! You are amazing. I really enjoyed hearing you talk. Excellent tip! I am going to tape my seam ripper to my machine NOW.

    I really like knowing your voice.

    Keep it up!


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