Material Mama Podcast #2

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Welcome to my second podcast! Thank you everyone for the great e-mails, comments and ideas. This has been a wonderful week. You can right click and save to your computer to listen to right now, or use this rss feed to put into your podcatcher. If you use iTunes, you can click here to subscribe to my podcast, and not miss an episode!

Sewing in the news!

  • Hemp farms in California

California Senate Approves Hemp Farming

Hemp and Marijuana Realities

Properties of Hemp

  • Sewing and Suing Aren’t a Happy Mix For Embroiderers

The Wall Street Journal Online I can’t link the article or cut and paste it, but you can sign up here and read it.

Tabberone, a good site about copyright for wahm’s

Other random stuff I chatted about

Rocketboom interview with blogger Steve Rubel of Edelman

2Peas Scrapbooking

Grandma’s Sewing Cabinet

Pattern Review

Material Mama Podcast Gear!

What is PRR? Munki? Lili Paris? These are all high end children’s boutique designers. From time to time they sell their over runs and they are in turn sold in co-ops or ebay. Many mamas love to sew with fabrics as they are high quality and have lots of coordinates. Places like SewZanne’s carry children’s boutique fabric, and Emma One Sock


Hyena Cart

Sewing Mamas on Hyena Cart

Material Mama Shoppe

FlyLady Podcast

Please post your organizing tips for your sewing area, your family, your life in the comments section! I’m a mess.


One thought on “Material Mama Podcast #2

  1. Meg,

    I just listened to both of your podcasts (actually the first podcasts I have ever listened to). I listened while sewing and really enjoyed them. I am looking forward to listening in the future.

    I liked your Walmart machine search story. I had a similar experience – I tried calling Sears corporate after calling numerous stores trying to find the Ergo3 – It didn’t work for me though.

    Sarah (Sarah at sewingmamas)

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