Walmart vs Sears customer service

I spoke in my first podcast about how I was in search of (ISO) a Brother serger that was on closeout. I called my local WalMarts, and finally called their 800 number. To my suprise and delight, they located one and sent it to my store for me to pick up. I’m still happy with Wally World!

Now I’m iso the Kenmore Ergo 3. Word is, you can get this on clearance for about 400. I called my local shops and no luck (I’m not totally sure they actually looked though, I’m going to drive to a few tomorrow). Then called Sears’ 800 number. They said they have no way of tracking clearance items in other stores. I find that VERY hard to believe. I haven’t been in retail for a long time but even back in the ‘day’ corprate kept a close eye on all products.

So far, Wally World 1, Sears 0


2 thoughts on “Walmart vs Sears customer service

  1. I have little experience with wally world… but,I have to say I’ve had some impressive help, 24/7 with Sears, setting up home service on appliances.. So… glad wally world was good for you …. I just have to suggest a 1/2 point for Sears… They replaced my carb in my lawn mower, when it was a ‘bad gas’ issue… and they totally didn’t have to.

    ….though… the mower makes a mess of sewing projects… 😉

  2. Bad Gas huh? I think I’ve had that LOL.

    Things turned out well in the end (don’t most things?) and I’m super happy. Stay tuned.

    Hey, I’m on pins and needles waiting for SewZanne’s vidcast! Can’t wait!

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