Material Mama Podcast #3

New! Click here to listen:

I have gotten so many questions from people who want to listen in, but can’t figure out if they can. The short answer is YES! You do NOT need an iPod to listen to this webcast. I have copied a very short explanation from here:

“What do you mean I don’t need an iPod to listen to a Podcast?”

First and foremost a show is an MP3 file (which I provide to you below, or you can click the green box, above) and all you need to play it is an MP3 player. There are multiple 100’s of Millions of MP3 players out there – They are called computers. With the help of FREE software such as iTunes or Quicktime or Windows Media Player – You are already able to listen to a Podcast. You only need an iPod or other Mobile MP3 Player if you want to listen to a podcast while you are working out, driving to work or taking the dog for a walk….

Material Mama Podcast #3

Okay, on to show notes 🙂
My new machine! Kids not included

Kenmore Ergo3

Interesting factoid about the Ergo3 Redsign

“And the costs don’t stop there. Once Metaphase has redesigned a product, companies then have to revamp their existing manufacturing equipment. For instance, one client recently worked with Metaphase to design a sewing machine for Sears, Roebuck’s Kenmore line, and spent close to $1 million to adapt its manufacturing to accommodate the new machine. The Sears Kenmore Elite ergo 3 came out a year ago, priced at $1,999, about $500 more than the previous top-of-the-line model, partly because of the manufacturing costs.”

My Machines (sigh) on eBay

Sewzanne’s interview with Heather Ross

Material Mama’s Sewing Manifesto

FAO Schwartz

Don’t Download This Song

Joshua Kadison

KS Undies

Creative Memories Sidekick


4 thoughts on “Material Mama Podcast #3

  1. Thanks so much Mary! I really liked your blog as well. I’m trying to be a little polished, but I just got my first iPod two months ago and am learning as I go. I really just enjoy reaching out to other mamas who sew, or those who were mamas or those who have mamas. 😉

  2. Thank you! I had a wonderful time last night sewing and listening your podcasts. Even dh was listening and enjoyed the interview with Shecki. I’ve been listening to them in reverse order, so I’m listening to the first one now with Emily playing behind me. She loves the sound of your voice, btw. She’s making happy noises.

    Thank you again!

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