Material Mama Podcast #4

Once again, with feeling LOL:


“What do you mean I don’t need an iPod to listen to a Podcast?”

First and foremost a show is an MP3 file (which I provide to you below, or you can click the green box, above) and all you need to play it is an MP3 player. There are multiple 100’s of Millions of MP3 players out there – They are called computers. With the help of FREE software such as iTunes or Quicktime or Windows Media Player – You are already able to listen to a Podcast. You only need an iPod or other Mobile MP3 Player if you want to listen to a podcast while you are working out, driving to work or taking the dog for a walk….


  Material Mama Podcast #4

Hi all! Sorry for the delay — I thought I didn’t have anything to talk about. Apparently I do LOL. Here are some of the links I mentioned. Please feel free to add some of your own in the comments section here!

My mom’s wedding dress that was sewn by her aunt, along with all of the bridesmaid dresses!

The first Halloween costume I sewed:

KS Costume Links

We the People by Mary Tsukamoto (apparently out of print)

Hemp News, CA Governor Vetoes Hemp Bill, North Carolina passes it.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has refused to sign AB 1147, “The California Industrial Hemp Farming Act,” which earlier this year passed the Senate (by 26 to 13) and Assembly (44 to 29). The bill would have allowed California farmers to grow hemp -the cannabis plant that has been bred for fiber and/or seeds. “Industrial hemp” contains only trace amounts of THC -.3 percent or less, as defined by AB 1147.

Skulls Jersey, I used it to make this dress:

Halloween bag and Girl’s Boxers at the Sewing Mama Hyena Cart Shop

Dharma Trading


Thanks so much everyone! I didn’t get to add the song at the end, I’m having audio problems. I’ll try to figure out what went wrong during nap time 😉


2 thoughts on “Material Mama Podcast #4

  1. Hi Megan

    Just got around to listen to your podcast about halloween. Now we don’t have halloween here in Denmark, but the kids dress up in February (fast) – and I just want you to know I am going to steel your idea about the cat – for my 9 year old son 🙂 But he is going to be a cool panther… Fot the hat, I think I’ll make a baclava and see if I can add ears… Do you have any idea how to get the ears pointy and stiff enough?

    Thank you for your excellent podcasts – they are so fun to listen to while sewing!

  2. Meg:
    Great stuff. Nice to ‘meet’ your mom! I like that it’s a ‘real world’ podcast… You bring us right into your kitchen… smack dab in the middle of life… The natural, comfortable manner is what makes materialmama (YOU!) such easy listening…

    I’ve heard some podcasts that are trying too hard to be cute… or just too heavily ‘produced’ ..

    thanks for keepin’ it real.


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