Material Mama Podcast #5

This is a short one, Mamas. I decided to go ahead and read aloud my Material Mama Manifesto, and while I was at it, give out homework! Can you tell I used to be a teacher?

I’d love you to post your homework here, or you can record it and send it to me at megan at cookiepants dot com and I’ll try to get it on one of my shows. I love to have listener interaction!

Some links to stuff I chatted about on Podcast #5

Material Mama Sewing Manifesto

Sewzanne’s TFD (to die for) brown and rust stretch cord.

If you hurry, you might score some kitty twill or Farmer’s Market (The Farmer’s Market is very spendy at 18.95 a yard but it’s yummy!)

The song I played at the start and end of the program is Illuminated Soul by Joshua Kadison


One thought on “Material Mama Podcast #5

  1. I love the fact that you talk to your little ones while recording your podcast. You don’t edit out the real life, human interruptions that make up the day of every mother at home.

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