Material Mama Podcast #6

Click to listen:

With a surprise at the end for your children!

Vogue Pattern 7894

funky monkey flannel
Sunrise Design
Dharma Trading
Juggling Jello
Nutmeg’s method for gathering
Nutmeg’s method for tracing Ottobre and other European/foreign patterns
Doll pattern instructions for practicing tracing
Here’s the doll pattern

Ottobre’s Website click the button on the left that says “in English”
Free Ottobre patterns to try.

These are in .pdf format:
Tank Top


3 thoughts on “Material Mama Podcast #6

  1. Hey Meg

    Thank you for another great podcast – as I mentioned before it’s so nice to listen to while sewing – I don’t have any local sewing friends, but listening to you is almost like having a friend in my sewing room.
    I want to send you a small gift – that can make tracing even easier for you.. So would you e-mail me your mailing adress?
    Hugs from Maria

  2. Love the new look of the site! I was so excited to log on today and see two podcasts to download, can’t wait to listen tomorrow while the munchkin naps!

  3. Hi! I just wanted to say I love your blog, I have been crusin’ your site, nice links too. Love that funky monkey flannel, I need a pajama set in that for when I get sick. Awesome. I shall return again some day.

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