Material Mama Podcast #9

Today I have changed the format a bit, added in some music and lengthened segments.

The music all comes from the Podsafe Music Network, and today I featured some really great artists. I hope you give their songs a listen and support Podsafe music! Please take a listen:

Farm Boy Spaghetti Cake
Grandma’s Piano Eliot Popkin
rise again Joshua Kadison

I also chatted about holiday sewing, and I found some resources for fun gifts to sew here here and here. Take a look at Wikipedia and add some to the Sewing area! I talk about my admiration for Brenda Dayne of Cast On podcast. Take a listen — even if you don’t knit I think you’ll enjoy her podcast. There are some great fabric card tutorials here. I made bacon and eggs out of wool felt for my girl’s Christmas gifts:

The adorable smocking from Caren at Baby Blue Yonder:

With a matching twirly skirt, modified from the Sew Baby twirly dress pattern.

I didn’t podcast about it, but my oldest daughter made this fun top herself! We traced a ready to wear top that she knew fit her well:

The wedding knit I got from Suz:

Thank you for all of your kind words, emails and support! It is greatly appreciated. I’m still learning the audio side of things, thanks for hanging in with me.


2 thoughts on “Material Mama Podcast #9

  1. Hi! Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Those bacon and egg felts are awesome. hehehe, I think felt is such fun to play with and copy fun stuff in “reality” of life. 😉
    Hey you never know maybe one day you will get a Vespa, I had been buggin’ my hubby about one because someday I might move back to the city and wish to use one there. Here in rural country you gotta drive. 😉 Have a great Holiday Season

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