Material Mama Podcast #10 ~~ Holi-dazed

Click to listen:

I just got a new microphone, so hopefully at least that will work LOL.

Today’s show featured music from the Podsafe Network:

“Neighbor” by The Lascivious Biddies

“What Child is This” by Allison Crowe

The story, Gift of the Magi is available from Librivox and read by Betsie Bush

In news today, I talked about Donation Dolls program, the amazing women of Radio Almahaba, creating the next designing generation with Wee Scotty, and spring fashion colors.

For kids, I mentioned you might check out Kiddie Records. Kiddie Records Weekly is a three year project celebrating the golden age of children’s records. Each recording has been carefully transferred from the original 78s and encoded to MP3 format for you to download and enjoy. You’ll find a new addition every week, all year long with a special Christmas record available now.

You can take a look at the Spring 2007 Fashion Color Palette at Pantone

You can sew up a free holiday outfit for your child’s American Girl doll with this pattern from You Can Make This.

I shared my new Cloth Diapering Sewing site, where you can find and add many free cloth diaper patterns and even sell what you make! I find this to be my part of the Creative Culture movement.

The Creative Mom Podcast and the Crafty Chica podcast are great resources you’ll want to check out!

On a sad note, I’d like to send my condolences out to the Kim and Fleming families. You can donate here and see James’ memorial here. I’m amazed that his employees and employers have been so supportive and kind. That must be an incredible place to work.

Thank you for listening and keep on sewin’ sister!


5 thoughts on “Material Mama Podcast #10 ~~ Holi-dazed

  1. scatteredcuriosities says:

    Hey~are you on AmityMama? The cloth diapering sewing site sounds familiar….:-)

    Great idea! I wish I had been motivated enough to sew my own….they are expensive!


  2. Yes, I’m everywhere LOL. I’m Nutmeg on Amity’s and Sewing Mamas, but if that name is taken I’m usually Megtell or CookiePants. I have been on a real tear about this diaper project. I can’t believe no one has done it before! And such great support. Yea!!!!

    Now that my littlest one is almost totally out of diapers, I wish I had time to sew more LOL. And after tonight I’m not sure I need any more children running around 😉

  3. ideagirl says:

    Meg —

    I just shot over and checked out your site. How. Cool! I can tell I have a lot to learn just by looking at what you are doing. I haven’t listened to the podcasts yet — but I’m looking forward to it.


  4. ideagirl says:

    I listened to the first bit — and I’m coming back to hear more — but I had to share this with you. I met Mr. Rogers when I worked at a children’s museum — we went to see one of the last tapings of his show. It was one of the brightest days in my life. I have a pic of me and Mr. Rogers and were both admiring his red microsuede jacket — he told me that Captain Kangaroo (he used his real name which escapes me right this minute) told him that microsuede traveled well…I loved it! CK giving MR fashion advice! He was wonderful and touched my life in a profound way on that day. Did you know that he’s the one who plays the music at the beginning of every show?

    How cool is that?


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