Material Mama #11.5

My Jr. Excutive is helping me today 😉

Oops, I forgot a whole section on my last podcast! Well my brain cloud is your little gift for today :). I added in a letter from my friend Amanda over at Drip Drop Designs. Copy and paste, then print out and tape to the October section of your next year’s calendar!

1. Don’t buy the kids their gifts from Santa until the week before Christmas, since they’ll change their minds a thousand times.

2.Save money all year, because that’s the one thing I always run short on!

3.Sew their matching outfits early, so they can get their picture taken with Santa before the mad mall rush.

4.Sew the kids matching Christmas Eve pjs way ahead of time, and just leave them unhemmed in case they grow.

5.Make more gifts than I think I’ll need, because there is always someone I don’t think I’m exchanging with until the last possible second.

6.Sew Christmas items for my store in the summer, because there is not enough time in December!

7.Don’t be so ambitious with making gifts, especially for the kids. They don’t notice the difference between an item that took me 1 hour, versus an item that took 12 hours.

8.Have Christmas cards bought, addressed and stamped before Thanksgiving, to be mailed later.

Boutique Cafe Creative Mom Podcast Listener Kim’s Blog

Entrepreneur Magazine had a great article, Plus Sized Opportunity

Check out Violet and Lime to see how you can help support Violet

Here is another last minute gift idea, one I’m using today. Make a small tissue pack holder! A great way to use up fun wovens. Or you can have your children decorate, then sew them up. Tissue Holder Sew Along

Yesterday I made this simple sewn cake slice. I’m planning on doing three more, adding velcro so they can cling together in the middle. You could decorate with ribbon and trim before sewing up!

Center ‘cut’ of cake. You could really go crazy with decorating this!

Back of cake:

And the potholders I’m making. Each themed to the family I’m giving them to.

Need to finish. I ran out of bias tape. I guess I could have made my own but didn’t think of it until this moment LOL.

Oh and I caved and tacked a Harry Potter Christmas by Joel Kopischke at the end of the podcast. Enjoy!

Merry Merry!

2 thoughts on “Material Mama #11.5

  1. Nutmeg, thanks for mentioning me in your podcast! I love the potholders. You made me think about making those potholder thingies that go on the handles of your pots. I put up the pictures of my Queen Elizabeth dress on my blog. I’d love to hear what you think!

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