Material Mama #13

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Hello and welcome to Show #13!

I neglected to put these links up from last week’s show: Free to Stitch, Free to Bitch

Griffin Technology iTalk Pro Voice Recorder/Dock for iPodToday’s podcast was recorded using the iTalk.

I have some previews and reviews of these books and magazines that I got over the last month or so.

Pixie Purls chats about Flickr :: Undies patterns — Ottobre (4/04) or Kwik Sew ( 2405 and 2411) :: Home Sewers Association :: Kwik Sew basic , easy to sew patterns:

Today I wanted to chat about a Sewing Room but I ran out of time. If you’re interested in seeing the ‘sewing room under the stairs’ click here. I don’t know where I got the link from, so if you know the originator, please send me an Odeo voicemail or send me an email.

I wanted to share with you the cool 15.00 vaccum I got from Wal-mart. It’s a great addition for any sewing area. Kid friendly too.

Intro and outro, Talk Talk Talk Cheryl B. Engelhardt

If you get a moment, please leave me feedback at iTunes. I appreciate and read each one!

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12 thoughts on “Material Mama #13

  1. Carolyn says:

    Yay! Was so happy to hear this! Great episode! I cant wait to hear the next one. I like hearing about the different fabrics. Great for a newbie like me on fabrics. And the tip to look for sheets!
    Thanks for doing this! Love it!

  2. I love your show, but am I right in seeing that the only two ways of listening are through the website (the flashplayer version) or by downloading to iTunes? I do have iTunes, but I don’t have an iPod. Just a Rio mp3 player. The two don’t play nice together. Would you put the mp3 link back up for those of us a little behind the times, lol! If the switch is a bandwidth thing, i understand. Thanks!

  3. Whoops, I didn’t think of that, sorry!!!

    I located my podcast folder within my iTunes folder, and move podcasts over like that to my non iPod players.

    Or you can download any show from here:

    I’ll update the rest of the posts with this info after dinner tonight šŸ˜‰

  4. BonaDea says:

    Meg I really enjoyed this podcast.

    I’d love to hear more about the iTalk. It sounded great from my end. One of my few complaints with my iPod has been that i can’t record to it and I’m thinking this would be perfect. I’d want to use it for the kids to practice their public speaking skills and a irl friend and I are toying with the concept of a podcast although it is doubtful we would follow through.

    Keep up the great work.


  5. Meg,
    My grandma made a lot of my underwear when I was growing up. There are 3 sisters and when we were kids 2 of us were approximately the same size and there was a smaller one. She sewed a few stitches back and forth in the back elastic in brown (the color of my eyes) for me and blue (my sister’s eyes) for her. The youngest sister had much smaller undies and didn’t get stitching. Just had to share that after your underwear post.

  6. Hey Nutmeg – Great show. I love the intro clip with the sewing machine background. Is that new? Or did I really just notice it? At any rate… cool! And, the iTalk sounded great.

  7. Amy says:

    Hi Nutmeg,
    I’ve been listening for about a month and am just loving hearing from a fellow stitcher. You have inspired me to dust off my machine and rediscover my love of fabric. My children are grown but I have fond memories of sewing for them when they were little. I especially enjoy hearing about other sites and podcasts pertaining to sewing and crafts. Keep up the good work.

  8. Hi!
    Just listened for my first time and really enjoyed your podcast! I really appreciated your book reviews, and enjoyed hearing your little girl’s voice in the background.

    I’m off to download episode 14 now, and then will have to go back and play catch-up. Thanks for the podcast, and keep up the good work!

    happy trails, Deb

  9. Nutmeg — Nice job! I have not been blogging or podcasting much lately….and I need to get off my lazy butt and get back in the saddle. Your podcast was a good one. I’m going to see if I can find one of those little vacuum cleaners. Keep up the good work.

    You’re right: if someone has a problem with your ‘cast, they should move on. Or….create one of their own. šŸ™‚

  10. Tanya says:

    I’m just now listening and catching up on issues. I think your podcast is great, and particularly enjoy the book and pattern reviews. Keep up the great work.

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