Send your used stuffed animals — PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING


I keep getting emails about this.  You’ll have to follow up over at Parent Hacks..  I was just advertising for them, and have no idea if it’s still going on.  Posting in the comments is not going to help much.  Please ask over at PH!

SERIOUSLY I DO NOT KNOW. This is a very old post and I’m not in contact with them.

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I just read this on one of my daily blogs, Parent Hacks.

I am speechless. I just got an email from Edmay Mayers, a member of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers who is currently stationed in Iraq. She read the post on where to donate stuffed animals, and offered her own suggestion:

Please, please, please – I know where you can give all the stuffed animals and toys away – I am presently stationed (deployed) in Iraq. The children here love the stuffed toys – I can hardly keep up with the cost of them – I am continuously ordering more and more from Oriental Trading Company and candy for the young ones too. If there is any way at all please have any and all sent to me at the address listed below and I will ensure that the children in Iraq receive all that is sent.

When I sent a followup note to be sure I had the proper address, here was her reply:

The mailing address is as follows:

Edmay Mayers
APO AE 09331

That is all there is — it will reach me and I will give them to our PSD teams who will be more than happy to give them to the children. Please see attached photo of some of the children here that were given candy and stuffed animals on the road. These are the poorest of the poor here in Iraq – down the back roads. They are precious, innocent little ones who are just caught up in all the mess – they are beautiful.

I Googled Edmay to find out more, and came upon this amazing article about her passion for Iraqi children, posted just days ago on Operation Iraqi Freedom: Official Website of Multi-National Force – Iraq.

As soon as I’m done with this post, I’m going to box up a bunch of toys and send them in tomorrow’s mail. Edmay, thank you so much for writing, and for everything you’re doing. Your granddaughter will indeed be proud.

Parenthackers, please spread the word! Wouldn’t it be amazing if Edmay were able to distribute toys donated by people from all over the United States? Think of the good will such a simple act could create…in a place that needs all the good will it can get.

[10/14/06 update from Edmay: toys are arriving every day! — Ed.]

[1/3/07 update from Edmay: She’s well, and is still giving out hundreds of toys to Iraqi children. — Ed.]

[Here’s how you can get free mailing supplies for your donation. — Ed.]

You can send the donations using Priority, Parcel post or, if books, Media Mail.  Since it’s an APO address, it costs the same as sending it anywhere in the US.

Please spread the word by blogging about it, emailing friends, sharing at playgroups.



44 thoughts on “Send your used stuffed animals — PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi, I am looking to recycle my childrens stuffed animals. Is this post still valid? I would love to help her make other children happy. Thank you.

  2. I will box my stuffed toys and send them to you this week. I understand you will be there until November and I am assuming that I have enough time. Please let me know if the address has changed or if someone else will take over your responsibilities. Thank you. Carolyn De Simone

  3. katie says:

    I am 13 years old and have been trying to find ways to help those who are poorer than i. Yesterday i went to my shed and took out boxes of old toys and stuffed animals i used to play with and put them in a box i have been searching websites to find where to send them to and was relieved when i finally found this one. So thank you!

  4. I have a question:
    I have many toys that I would *love* to send to children in Iraq, but they are at my parents house, which is far away. I won’t be able to send them till around Christmas time when I go home for a visit. Is there someone new to whom I might send these toys, once I have access to them again?

    Thanks much!

    K. Hunt

  5. Norma says:

    I too would love to contribute. I have various stuffed animals that I have created out of felt and wanted to give them a home. Is the info on this site up to date as far as who and where to send them.
    Thank you!

  6. Colleen says:

    My club would like to donate to this cause. Our club advisor was wondering if there is a deadline though. I hope that you will reply to me through email as soon as possible so we can get our club members to start donating as soon as possible. Thank you! 🙂

  7. Michael T. says:

    I am 10 years old. I want to help to kids in Iraq. I want to make their lives better. Is the address

    Edmay Mayers
    APO AE 09331

    still valid? If not, is there another place that I can send the toys and stuff to?

  8. Jennifer C. says:

    I too want to send my daughter’s animals along. Is there another person taking over for Edmay? What is the cheapest way to send them to Iraq?
    Thank you very much

  9. Terri says:

    Have stuffed animals to donate but I dont know where to send them? Can you assist me?
    They need a good home….

  10. I have the same question as all the above posters. Can I still donate stuffed animals to Iraqy children? Where shall I send them? Thank you!!

  11. Roy says:

    Our community is involved in a similar effort. Airman Crystal Carper, a 2004 High School graduate, and local resident is currently serving in Iraq. Crystal wanted her hometown to rally together and send needed items for Iraq children who had been injured and were in the base hospital in Balad, Iraq.

    Crystal volunteers in the hospital when she’s not preparing her F-16 jet for combat missions in the war-torn region. She says the needs include blankets and single bed sheets for the hospital beds, small stuffed animals and small toys for the children.

    “I have always been a really caring person and when I started volunteering at the hospital, I saw those kids and it just broke my heart,” she said.

    Items can be mailed to:
    Airman Crystal Carper
    332 EMXS/MXMMP
    Weasel Phase
    APO AE 09315-9997

    The full article in our local paper is linked below…

  12. tina says:

    is this still a good address to send stuffed animals to? if not do you know of a good one? i have alot of stuffed animals to donate-thanks!

  13. Jennifer Wahlers says:

    I would like to donate nearly new stuffed animals somewhere. I am a teacher in Michigan and would like to see my children’s multiple stuffed animals loved by children who are less fortunate. Is the address on this website still valid? Thank you, Jennifer Wahlers

  14. Angela cuti says:

    I have 275 standard size shoe boxes filled with toys, toiletries, and school supplies for Iraqi children. My compassion and love for these children is overwhelming. The cost to ship them to my friend who is deployed in Iraq is over $2500 even with an APO address. does anyone have any suggestions on how to help get them shipped at a lower cost? I could probably break down all the shoe boxes and put just the supplies in two 4ft by 4ft boxes. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!
    In HIS service,
    Angela Cuti

  15. Becky Borgen says:

    Please let me know where I can send stuffed toys for children in Iraq. I would prefer to send directly to a military person stantioned there.

  16. Beth says:

    I would like to donate gently used stuffed animals. Please let me know where I should send them. It does not appear that Ednay is still at this address.

    Thank you!


  17. Karla E says:

    My children have way too many Stuffed animals from ” Build a Bear”, hardly ever touched. I would love to donate them. Is this still valid?

  18. Joy H. says:

    we just finish cleaning out the garage and have loads of nearly new stuff animals. Is this address still valid?
    Edmay Mayers
    APO AE 09331

  19. Miriam says:

    i would like to know if this program is still active as i have donations to make, if still applicable.

  20. MRL says:

    I am 16. I would like to help unfortunate children that will use my stuffed animals. it is better then having them being put in boxes and stored under the bed. Is the address still valid? Because i have so many stuff animals, i would love to donate some.
    Please email me and tell me if the the address is still able to be used. If it is not, have any other places.

  21. Alyssa Thompson says:

    I too have probably 50 stuffed animals in excellent condition that I have outgrown and would love to send. Is this still valid? or do you know anywhere else I can donate them?

  22. Sharon says:

    Hi, I’m Natalie Sudman’s sister. She was wounded on Thanksgiving last year (2007) so she is back in the states, doing well, but she isn’t receiving toys at the base anymore. I’m collecting toys here in St. Paul to send there and she says to send toys addressed this way:
    Tonya Myrick – TOYS
    Building 511
    APO AE 09331
    Tonya is still there, and even if she leaves everyone knows who will take care of the toys, so this will keep working.

  23. Anonymous says:

    how much is the shipping to iraq?
    i would like to send mine, i have about a hundred. i’m sure the kids would love them but i don’t want to go broke!

  24. Carla J says:

    Hello, I am looking to donate my children’s stuffed animals. Many are new and they just received too many and don’t use many of them. I would love to help out, they are cute and I won’t throw them away. Please reply or snail mail me. If you are no longer deployed there but know someone who is that would hand them out, please let me know. Thank you and stay safe.

  25. Sheila says:

    Is the mailing address still valid…It has been a while since there have been any posts…would love to help…

  26. Ilka Stewart says:

    I too have quite a few stuffed animals I’d like to donate. An updated APO address as of January 2009 would be great.

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