My Challenge to all Podcasters

I know I’m small potatoes compared to some of you, and my audience is pretty niche. However so many of us are women, mothers, daughters, husbands, sons, men I thought this would be a great project.

Last week I chatted about sending toys to children in Iraq. The article is from Parent Hacks and is so worthwhile. To bring joy to one child in the middle of all that pain and suffering is a small thing I think we can all do. Take a look at the article:

SPREAD THE WORD: Send your used stuffed animals and toys to children in Iraq

Spam it on your podcast! My challenge is for you to get your listeners to donate to these children. Once you’ve spread the word, please make a note/message here, so we can send them all over to Edmay Mayers so she knows. If you can send me an audio segment all the better, I can send her a package of audio well wishes.

Here’s a button you can copy to your server and use on your site as well:

So maybe you’ve already spread the word. If so, please comment here on which show/podcast it was.

Thanks so much!

I was thinking that once I culled through my children’s teddy bears and stuffed animals for Iraq, I’d start making them. I found some great patterns and I hope you can add more in as well! Some are knit or crochet but all will be loved and treasured I’m sure!

Bear-PairTeddy’s Little Bear :: Mikki Bear :: Wee Wonderful Bunnies :: Sew-a-Bear :: Sewn Bear pattern :: Teddies For Tragedies:: Sock Babies :: Sock MonkeysSock Dollies Sock Monkey with red heel socks :: Sock Elephant :: Checker’s Game


One thought on “My Challenge to all Podcasters

  1. Alex Grogan says:

    I noticed your request over on the WordPress forum regarding MyChingo.

    All you need to do is paste in the code for the image link instead of the code for the embedded flash player.

    Problem Solved – and it’s much better than Odeo! 🙂

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