Material Mama Podcast #15

Yikes! I just heard a section where it sounds like I’m on some major Valium. Let me remix that and re up load it. Sorry!!!!! Here is the correct one:

Welcome to show #15

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Today I chatted about: The Puyallup SewExpo,, is coming to town again and with it all the speakers, vendors, innovators, authors, and instructors from around the sewing world. My understanding is that this is the largest sewing world event of the year in the country and possibly the world for home-sewists.

Listener Mary suggested SewBaby as well as Lamington Lane . I also have gotten them off ebay, from Serena, and Luscious Labels.

Listener Amy was wondering:

Something interesting I have learned about myself is that Spring makes me sew. My machine can be dormant for long stretches but something about April causes me to make a skirt, dress, or something else to wear. I wonder if any of your listeners have noticed they also have seasonal stitcher’s itch (and if so, what season?).

Alex Anderson was also chatting about it on her podcast, I think it was #50. I really enjoy her podcast, she interviews very interesting shop owners and more! Whether you quilt or not, take a listen. Her most recent podcast is about how to buy a new machine.

So far my podcasters challenge is going great! Sage Tyrtle mentioned it on her podcast, Quirky Nomads. I know we can be so divided on political opionions but I am so pleased that we can come together as mothers and humans to give even a little love and hope to a child. Thank you Sage!!!!!

If you’d like another great sewing podcast to listen to, check out Alex Anderson’s podcast. While she does focus on quilting, I think there is a lot to learn from her sewing experience and she has a great voice for podcasting!

Check out the free Ottobre tank top for a fun addition to the summer wardrobe for the kids. If you’d like a direct link to the .pdf version, click here.

Sister Diane from Crafty Pod is knitting up in Second Life and I’m thinking of logging in again.

Here is my ‘brand new’ serger!

This week’s review, Sewing with Sergers: The Complete Handbook for Overlock Sewing by Pati Palmer and Gail Brown

Need some Valentine’s Inspiration? Check these out: fold an oragami heart, make bookmarks, the goodie-bag ideas, Paper CD sleeves for Valentine’s cookies, Heart Garland, easy sewn fortune cookies

Sewzanne’s Fabrics is offering a discount to Material Mama listeners. If you use the coupon code MM5, you’ll get 5% off your total order! Plus they discount shipping if you’re ordering just patterns.

Please check out Lisa’s great dolls here. She is a true artisan! I have two of her dollies and my girls are in absolute love with them. I can’t wait to purchase more. Hurry, they won’t last I’m sure!!! Here are my girls opening up thier special orders from LaSageFemme:

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5 thoughts on “Material Mama Podcast #15

  1. Valerie says:

    I enjoy listening to your podcast. I just had to tell you I have a Huskylock 530 serger that I got 14 years ago. It is very similar to yours only 4 spools. The thing IS a workhorse and won’t die (as much as I’d like it to sometimes!) Anyway, keep the podcasts coming. It’s so nice to have someone “talk” to me while I sew.

  2. Nikki says:

    Hi Valerie/ anyone

    Strange request but do you happen to have a user manual for the Huskylock 530, I just recently purchased a 2nd hand one but have no idea at all how to use it and it didn’t come with a manual 😦 if you could scan and email me how to set it up that would be fantastic & much appreciated my email is

    Thank you

  3. kerry says:

    Hi, my daughter gave me a huskylock 530 but there was no manual, could you tell me if there is somewhere that i can get a copy of the manual, i live in Australa. i read that you also have one, regards Kerry

  4. kerry says:

    Hi, my daughter just gave me a serger or overlocker as we call them, huskylock530, it,s the 4 reel, there was no manual with it, i wonder if anyone there still has a manual could the copy it for me please, regards Kerry in Australia

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