I’m a little verklempt.

Expo was amazing. The retreat was amazing. The amount of clean up I need to do is amazing daunting. I have so much to share with everyone, I’ll have to break it into more podcasts. I’m hoping to get some supporters so I can podcast on a more regular basis. If you are interested in supporting a bit, check out the “support the show” page, the link is above.

I love the Seattle area. I love the sewing mamas I got to know at the retreat. I loved the sewing mamas I met at the Expo. I love being able to hit up the women on the airplane coming home and talk about the wool from the Vogue booth.

Honestly? I got really choked up many times over the days knowing that so many women can work so hard, and come together for sewing. For 45+ women to hang out for 4 days with no arguments or warm discussions is touching and inspiring. I was sure when I ate a hot dog (hey it was the cheapest eats on the menu at the expo LOL) or bought paper plates for dinner I would get at least a little static. Nope, everyone was totally supportive. My only regret is that it was over so fast. That I didn’t get enough one on one time with each person. ah well. Next year.

Here are some links I want to share. There will be a new podcast in the next week or so, but I have a lot to edit and put together.

I just found this great source for very inexpensive stuffed animals. Buy some and send them to Iraq!!!

Grab up this lovely wool — I was able to fondle touch it at the Sewing Expo and it’s awesome! Special Buy- Italian Doublefaced Wool Coating They had this at Vogue Fabrics at the Sew Expo. I didn’t get any and regretted it! Now I just ordered 4 yards, and shipping was just 9.00 so I suppose it was worth it, not having to pack it home. This is really really nice stuff. It should be 25.99 a yard at least. If you just blanket stitched around the edge, this would be a GREAT blanket or cover for a bed. Also a great coat. Personally, I’d felt it up a little for a blanket but it’s really nice as is.

ASG — Check out and support your local chapter!  Wouldn’t it be cool if they supported the Material Mama podcast?  😀


2 thoughts on “I’m a little verklempt.

  1. Rosa Z. says:


    This is cool, cool, cool! Love it. Thanks so much for the CD of podcasts. They’re just fabulous.

    Much love. 🙂

  2. jessi says:

    You talked about some label resources in this episode – do you have links for them? Thanks for the great podcast!

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