Material Mama Podcast #17

Just back from the Sew Expo in Puyallup Washington! You can see some of the fun on our flickr pages here. If you were at Sew Expo, you may have seen us or even been accosted by one of us. We always are trying to get new members because it’s so much fun with friends!

BIG thank you to Sarah of Home Dream Birth and Allison from Harmony Threads for creating such a wonderful retreat for us to hang out at.

I got some great machine embroidery tips from Walt Floriani. They have a great line of embroidery products. I particularly liked that they don’t have a machine to promote or sell so the interview was just about embroidery tips.

I LOVED learning a new way (to me) of silk screening. Ginny Eckley from PhotoEZ silkscreens was at the Expo and had some great artwork on screens.

Nancy Cornwell says hello to everyone! She was chatting about her new book. Please run out and get it, or click this link to purchase it Nancy Cornwells 90 Minute Fleece: 45 Projects for Beginners And Busy Sewers

Linda McPhee sent us some great ideas as well. She has some very creative patterns, check it out!

Pattern Review’s best patterns of 2006 by Diane Egelston — some great ideas and patterns!

Support the show! — special thanks to Mary from Check out her ADORABLE ‘poofs’!

Update from Edmay in Iraq: 423 boxes of toys so far!

Hi to all,
Wanted to give you an update on the toys, clothes, school supplies, candy, etc. As of today 3/6/07
we have received 423 boxes filled with love from the wonderful, caring, generous people in America (1 from Japan). I cannot thank you all enough. We had to order a conex for the boxes of toys and we now have our teams distributing the items and also the Army (82nd & 1/34th) doing the same – and we will probably have the Air Force taking some too. I am going to also check with the Romanian troops that serve with us – they probably would like some to distribute also. May God bless and keep each and everyone of you. All items sent will be used and given to the Iraqi people. /Edmay

Link to free diaper patterns:

Sewing for an interview:

I made a skirt using the “Kori” method for the waist and Kwik Sew 3003 bias cut chevron for the rest. I LOVE this pattern! I used a cotton/rayon/lycra blend finewale cord for the waist (no elastic). I got this at Sewzannes, and some Donna Karan over run cotton lycra for the skirt, from Vogue Fabrics at the Retreat.

Sewing for mama:

I am very excited to sew up this new Kwik Sew (3490) pattern! It reminds me so much of a 1950’s swing coat my great aunt made my mom. I plan on extending it to the knees, and using black wool, or this beautiful white flannel from Vogue fabrics.

Lots more next time!

~~~ Nutmeg


One thought on “Material Mama Podcast #17

  1. Meg….I’ve been trying to leave a voicemail on MyChingo and can’t get the page to load. Expo was wonderful, wasn’t it?! Only Sarah could get 35 women to work together without attitudes getting in the way. She seriously needs to be a US diplomat 🙂

    I was so mad when I read your post about your job offer being rescinded. Those poopheads!! LOL, sorry. What an emotional rollercoaster. I’m *hoping* and hoping you’ll post saying they’ve reconsidered and figured out how much they’d be losing by letting you go.

    That coat is absolutely divine!! I’m thinking about making it myself. Vogue has an “Aztec” wool suiting that would be wonderful for fall.
    I just don’t know if its heavy enough for that type of coat, though.

    I must run….getting late….take lots of breaks, mama!! 🙂


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