Material Mama #19

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Show #19 notes:

The Quilt Show is a new online program by Alex Anderson of Simply Quilts fame. Check it out! You have to be a member to read the blog, and a paying member to watch the show, just FYI.

I got a great set of patterns for under 18.00 from this seller on eBay. I thought it was a great deal!

While in Hawaii, I discovered that there is a Hawaiian Fabric Outlet. Be still my beating heart LOL. Great fabric, really nice people and a huge warehouse of fabric. What could be better?

I did great on thrifting last week, take a look at my take!!! I went to Sac’s, which is a real hit or miss. Do you have a great thrift store in your town? I also like Legacy in Sebastapol CA and Scrap in San Francisco. You can find lists of shops in your area by looking at this site or Yelp.

I’ll use these for cookie jars, I just love them!!

twill tape:

Embroidery machine parts and hoops:

bias tape and hand needle punched poodle:

vintage patterns:

Vintage craft and cook books

Old Mad and Crack’d magazines, all from the early 1980’s

Huge button collection. The girls have been playing with them, but they are really old and some are cool:

There was a sewing machine as well, but I don’t really need another. I wonder where the embroidery machine got to though…

Speaking of tons of crafty stuff, I found this great Organization site. I love her challenges and will do the declutter one in May


Speaking of organizing, have you tried folding your fabrics like this? I hear it’s very therapeutic. You can check out website or purchase her book:


Please consider a donation to CCI. They are a very worthwhile organization.

7 thoughts on “Material Mama #19

  1. Terri says:

    Just heard your podcast for the first time. Nice! I live near Puyallup and was at the expo as well! It was great to hear you pronounce “Puyallup” correctly! Also cool that you are a connected mom!

  2. Terri says:

    Great podcast! I was interested to hear you visited Puyallup, WA. I live in the Puyallup area and was there at the Expo this year as well.
    Glad to hear you pronounce it correctly on your podcast! WOW:-)!!!

    Nice to hear you are a connected mom too.

  3. It was so nice to hear your voice, Meg. You inspired me to go thrifting. I only had time to hit one store and it was a big fat DUD today. Esme got one book…a grand total of 50 cents was spent 🙂 Hope the “un-birthday” went well!

    ((((much love))) Lisa

  4. Bj says:

    OMG! Those cannisters you picked up I have the exact same set! My dad’s mom or my grandma had them and when she passed years ago my mom got them. She packed them back and just recently came across them. I claimed them before she could send them to a thrift shop. Enjoy!

  5. Anne says:

    Just listened to your podcast. I’m glad your little one is feeling better. I’m about to finish up research on women in podcasting for my English paper, and I was wondering if any of your listeners would be willing to participate in an interview about their listening experience. I will be presenting my paper on Monday, May 14 at 6 p.m. at the University Union at Sac State. Hope you can come! P.S. I can fill in your listeners on what I’m doing in case you haven’t.

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