Material Mama #20

Wow, 20 podcasts! Thank you so much for your continued support! I started on a whim really but this has been such a wonderful learning experience and I’m so glad to have made the sewing world a little cozy, small and more personal.

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Show #20 notes:

My good friend Anne is writing a paper on women and sewing for a college course she’s taking. She interviewed me, and some other podcasters. She’s looking for some podcast listeners to chat with, please check out my blog for her information,

One listener wasn’t sure what that sound was at the beginning of my show. It’s my Sewing machine.

I mentioned a singer I saw in Hawaii last month. Her name is Paula Fuga, and she’ll be in California this month! If you live in San Diego, Santa Barbara, or Malibu, check out her site at You can hear some of her music on her myspace page as well as her homepage.

Update from Edmay Mayers

Parent Hacks

WD 40 on scissors

Before and after fabric folding pictures:

Sewing Area before:

and after:

Ottobre patterns — jayme bodice and “Hanna” dress. I made a fun pj top using the tank dress pattern. My suggestions to Ottobre to make a pattern for Hanna-esque Play Dress and Leggings in sizes 74-130 would be just perfect 😉

Need a good laugh? Thread Bared

SWAP — Sewing With A Plan ideas for summer

Fun strawberries from Danielle at Princess Nimble-Thimble

New podcasts on the block!

Sew Forth Now. Lori had a wonderful interview last week with a woman who owns a knit shop who shared information about different knits and their qualities and how to sew. VERY informative! She linked a neat site those of us with a sewing jones, Be Sew Stylish

Also, I just discovered ThreadBanger Thread Heads. Very cool indie vidcast. Check it out! I’m totally dying some tee shirts with coffee for the next swap I do.

I found a neat shop online, Sew True.

Thank you to Andrea from Wanted Web Design for coming up with my new banner on my site! I love her work, check it out if you’re interested in any graphic work!

4 thoughts on “Material Mama #20

  1. I’m so happy you mentioned the interview with Anne St Clair on Sew Forth Now. Anne owns Needle Nook Fabrics here in Wichita, KS and was the first person I thought of when you called for suggestions on crafty stores in our areas. She is a wonderful, knowledgeable lady, and she has a great team of ladies working with her. Each month she has a snack and sew from 4pm to midnight on a Saturday (except June and July). Bring a snack and your sewing machine!
    Anne also taught me how to sew my own bra, the best fitting bra I’ve ever own, designed from her own patterns.
    We also have a great quilt/scrapbook store here called Hen Feathers, a place that actually carries fabric from Amy Butler, etc.
    Thanks for the great podcasts!

  2. Kareena says:

    Hey Meg thankyou so much for such a wonderful podcast, I love the idea of SWAP I’m one of those people who make a living out of sewing recon and creating clothing and bags that in my opinion save the world. I always end up with pieces here and there and my wardrobe is looking quite scattered. This totally helped me pull it together. You would think someone would be able to do this on her own with 20 years experience in sewing…but no. I’m wardrobe reject. This has really helped. Thanks for all the great podcasts.


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