Inspiration! Jayme Bodice

You can do so many things with a pattern. This time I’m highlighting the ‘Jayme Bodice Pattern’ that was created by Jayme DeHart, of Dehart Designs. She shared this with the Sewing Mama board and I’m uber thankful.

If you have finished Jayme bodice items, you can post a link here in the show notes. Thank you so much!

This is a free pattern she offers the sewing world, you can download it here:


You can download the directions here or view them here

These are dresses made by Jayme, followed by other mamas who took up the idea!

dahhliadress1.jpg sisterdresses lilidresses1.jpg Here is some inspiration for you, when looking at one small pattern.

From Amanda, her daughter’s favorite tank tops are the jayme bodice just lengthened:

img_5512.jpg img_6324.jpg img_5564.jpg

From Shannon Undershirt/boxers sets and an A-line summer dress:

boxerslots1.jpg cherrydress.jpg

From Cheryl These are wovens! she puts elastic inside the straps at top, for an easy fit, that doesn’t have the straps falling down on her “skinny minnie”. She also just did this one for St Pattys day, with a tie shoulder strap.

stpats.jpg 4thdress.jpg

From Heather

shelbyrose2.jpg shelbysheriff.jpg

From Mich


Bobbi Jo has done a lot with one pattern as well:

I use snap closure on the top instead of ties and I have also always used wovens for these:


This one is made into a lined bodice with regular straps instead of bias and with button closure:


Here is a shortened version as a shirt and capri’s:


As an a-line summer dress


Some things I’ve made for my girls:

484502006_c55d4ebf101.jpg 497354992_b08684bc741.jpg163177342_1b5ae2c1c01.jpg166774535_b83e43aaec1.jpg181776595_23914204911.jpg

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