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Thank you to Andrea from Wanted Web Design for coming up with my new banner on my site! I love her work, check it out if you’re interested in any graphic work!

Etsy contest — thanks Katie for pointing it out to us! Etsy and Instructables have come together for this contest. You sew something and then create a tutorial for it. They have 3 categories:

• The Sew Helpful Award — goes to the most useful thing that helps others in need;
• The Sew Hybrid Award — goes to the best combination of sewing and technology; and
• The Sew Educational Award — goes to the best Instructable tutorial.

What has sewing taught you? I wrote an essay on what it’s done for me.

Update on SWAP sewing site

Neat book swap site — Swap paperback books for FREE –

Fun new sewing light for just 6.99 at Ikea:


New book purchases. I’m interested to see which company is faster. Amazon Japan or YesAsia. This is what I ordered:

From YesAsia. Free shipping, these books were 11.99 and 20.99 respectively. Because I bought from them before I got a 15.00 credit so this was a very good deal:

457911020X 452903397x.jpg

From Amazon Japan. 11.26 each. I had a credit from them since I shopped there before, .90 so my total with shipping was 48.84. Ordered May 21, arrived May 24th via DHL:4579110544457911132X

I also found an eBay seller with good feedback that sells cuts of Japanese and other imported fabrics that are just tdf! I’ll post a picture when they arrive 🙂

Jayme, jayme jayme! We love your bodice pattern! Check this page out for samples of what you can do with this fun pattern.


I made some Jayme style tank dresses, but I used the most recent Ottobre (3/07) check out #9 , you can use the front piece as a Jayme bodice 74-110 cm.  It worked perfectly! I love this fabric, I got it at Sewzannes. I used the FOE (Fold Over Elastic) you usually use on diapers, it was thicker and more sturdy. I attached it with an elastic zig zag stitch.

I had to put tee shirt on under as it was cool in the morning and I still wanted them to wear these for Mother’s Day LOL

rags01.jpg rags31.jpg
Rags: Making a little something out of almost nothing

I found this super awesome book at the thrift store. You may have seen it in the pile of ‘treasures’ last week. Well I finally cracked it open and honestly, I’m amazed. This book is wonderful! I read a fairy tale, The Little Laundress. I have been trying to get in contact with the authors to beg them to put it back into publication, or perhaps I can do it for them. Who knows. Now, you can scoop up this book for less than five bucks, I say do it now if you have any interest!

I like to use receiving blankets that are doubled to make matchy outfits for the girls. I can often find them on deep discount or at thrift shops for a song.

dsc054041.jpg dsc054071.jpg dsc054091.jpg
Sewing for Boys

Have you used the free Ottobre tank pattern? I’d LOVE to share your pictures and results with my listeners. Please send me a link or the pictures at: materialmama at gmail dot com and I’ll share it like I did with the Jayme bodice pattern. If you don’t have it, here it is. It’s a .pdf file so it may take a moment to open.

This just in! Check out this great article about women sewing at home. Way to go Marcy and Hayden!


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