Popping in to say hello

WOW! I have gotten three voicemails, and I’m loving listening to them! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to send a message. I ran around the house when I got them, I’m sure my husband thinks I’m crazy (er) .

I have also been blessed with listeners using the paypal button over on the right. I’m thinking I’ll make up some Material Mama logo tees and pins that you can purchase as well. Thank you so much!!!

Have you used the free Ottobre tank pattern? I’d LOVE to share your pictures and results with my listeners. Please send me a link or the pictures at: materialmama at gmail dot com and I’ll share it like I did with the Jayme bodice pattern. If you don’t have it, here it is. It’s a .pdf file so it may take a moment to open.

Coming soon! I have my next podcast about half way done, and barring any unforseen kid emergencies, it should be available early next week to download. I had a few things I wanted to share with you.

I found these wonderful stories, all free online. You can listen, and some are even wonderful for your children to listen to as well! Having a teenager, I’m burning all of these for her mp3 player, she loves musical theater but I think she’d like these too. Plus many are on her required reading list:

Moby Dick

Railway Children

The Reluctant Dragon

Pride and Prejudice

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Anne of Green Gables

Sense and Sensibility

Gulliver’s Travels

We went to Los Angeles last week and throughly enjoyed Wicked! Here are some books about Oz that I’m going to have to re-read now!

Also, a friend of mine has launched this fun website, all about doing stuff. Check out Oodleboxtv , it’s all free!

Last, I just made this salad for a Memorial Day bbq. I thought I’d share it, it’s awesome! All thanks to my sister for making it for Mother’s Day. It’s sort of like corn salsa. Yummmmm!

Until next podcast!! Keep sending in those Ottobre tank pictures and keep on sewing friends!



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