Material Mama Podcast #22

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Show #22 Notes

“my” baby ducks are growing up so fast!

Noun tees with Audrey– she was inspired by the MiniBoden catalog. Now that I’ve looked there too, I have some great ideas as well!

A noun t-shirt is a big-ol’-noun on a solid color boy’s t-shirt. Sam has: paper airplane, humpty dumpty, stop sign, safety cone, gorilla, tiger, waffle, see saw, and one of his own 2D self. I’ve used fabric paint & applique, and if I’m feeling super crafty, both together. Here are her samples, quite inspiring!

100n-2501_dsc1.jpg 100n-7071_dsc1.jpg 100n-3535_dsc.jpg 100n-3546_dsc.jpg 100n-6913_dsc.jpg177-7776_img.jpg

Podcast paper with Anne

Great fabric ebay seller if you like Japanese inspired wovens

Free Ottobre Tank pattern inspiration

New books from Amazon Japan and Yes Asia — Biggest difference is shipping time!

New book from Amazon

Neat new fabric color matching website

Appliqué ideas and hints from Carol

Fabric cards, and ATC’s using fabrics. Denise Schmidt has a sample of her book, that features fabric cards here. I found a great tutorial here for fabric postcards. I use thi method, and I adore that she uses wine as part of her process LOL!

New shipping information on MaterialMama

Great information for coverstitching people

Awesome free bikini pattern from Blueprint Magazine Tie One On: DIY Swimsuits :


Lots of links to free patterns at this blog: My Half of the Brain

I created a public Ottobre Design group on Flickr. Please join in! I’d love to see your creations.

Top Ten Patterns for Beginners, from Pattern Review

2 thoughts on “Material Mama Podcast #22

  1. Nutmeg: I’ve been enjoying your podcast for several months now. I’m not the best seamstress–my sewing machine has only been out twice since we moved nearly 3 years ago. You have inspired me, however. My summer goal is to create a space for a sewing corner. I’ve already got a list of projects I want to sew for myself and my 2 boys.

    As the mom of boys, I’ve really enjoyed your recent focus on sewing for them. Your friend’s “noun” shirts are fabulous! (I’m also an admirer of the Boden look.) You might want to check out The Vintage Workshop for images that can be downloaded and printed onto to transfer paper to embellish all kinds of projects. I’m looking forward to spiffing up some ready-made hoodies for Halloween, among other things. Thanks for all you do, sister!

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