My first drafted dress pattern, free to you!

This is the first dress I made custom for my girls. I’m offering the pattern for free if you’d like to give it a spin! It’s a fairly simple A Line dress, with or without sleeves. You can use ribbing on the collar and armholes or you can serge, and fold under.

You can use these patterns as you wish, I think they are pretty self explanatory. If not, Here’s the sew along in .pdf form, and in html.

Use a knit fabric, and these fit about 3T-5.
alinedress.jpg alinedress2.jpg

I’m getting ready to start teaching again next week. I’m only scheduled for a 20% gig which means I teach one day a week. However there is a lot of start up time and things to get done so I can be cleared for duty by next week. I’m trying to get a new podcast out as well, hopefully this week.

I’m doing a lot of denial sewing, I’ve made like 8 of these dresses, they are super duper easy. I used some ready to wear concepts that I loved to draft these myself. You can make as many as you want, and they are wonderful to embellish! Have fun and I’ll ‘see’ you soon.

Hey, if you’re reading this why don’t you give me a call on my voice mail only line at 1-775-593-5136 and let me know what you’re working on and what you’d like to hear more of on the podcast!

Here are my samples of what I’ve done with this pattern.  Click for larger views:


As jammies — I found if I cut it and don’t do much topstitching, they turned out as really easy nigthgowns!  Using fabric with ‘tossed’ pictures also are good for night time wear.


As tops — I just cut them where I wanted them to fall.  One turned into sort of a swing top, the other a more a line top.  By cutting the front bodice below the chest, it looks more RTW (ready to wear)  in my opinion.  This first one I just serged the openings and straight stitched them down.  I you had a coverstitcher these would be even faster LOL:




26 thoughts on “My first drafted dress pattern, free to you!

  1. Anne says:

    I’m very impressed with the PDF file you made for these dresses. Thanks for sharing the pattern and instructions and for everything you share with us. I so enjoy your podcasts.

  2. lee says:

    gorgeous dress/top, cant wait to try it for my 3 girls. would love to see anything else you have got.
    thanks heaps….wish more people posted their patterns for downloading…

  3. joy says:

    thanks Nutmeg, i really love this pattern and the fact that i can adjust it as i like, i have been looking for craft ideas to keep me busy and i can do this with my girls, i can already see a fun – filled summer break for me and the kids

  4. Thank you for this. I hv made dresses & shorts for my kids but hv never use any pattern. I don’t know how I even made them at all! I appreciate that you took time to take pics & prepare this pdf for others & for free! That’s really nice of you. I don’t understand certain sewing terms but still thank you. I am actually in the process ot “trying” to make another dress for my daughter who is now 8.

  5. Shirley says:

    Thank you for the dress pattern, I am going to have a go sewing my first dress with ‘your very first pattern’

  6. TUMUSIME says:

    THIS IS GREAT!!. Thank you, however why dont you include the steps and measurements. for us beginner?.
    God bless you.

  7. Amy says:

    Thanks! Your pattern is adorable and was exactly what I was looking for with my little girl in mind. It’s the perfect project for me to get back into sewing.

  8. Teresa says:

    I love this pattern, thanks for sharing your talent. I would love to see more of these in the future.

  9. Thanks so much Sewing Girl! iPowerWeb sold my domain to a third party, who is now trying to force me to ‘buy’ it back. It’s a huge scam and very sad. I’ve been trying to update everything, and to deal with ICANN to get my site back. Sigh. It’s been a huge problem. I’m very sorry.

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