Material Mama Podcast Show #25 ~~ The Apron Lady

Show #25 Notes

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Thank you to everyone for being so patient this month! Kindergarten, High School, Preschool and a new job for me kept me super busy. Plus two wonderful family trips to the coast! Today’s show is a recording I made at the ASG conference in July.

EllynAnne Geisel, The Apron Book Recorded at the ASG National conference in Sacramento CA Summer 2007. Check out her page at Apron Memories. I can’t say enough kind things about her. Take a listen and please forgive the bad acoustics. I’ll explain on my next show how huge this building is LOL
If you’d like a chance to win a free autographed copy, please post a reply here, with your blog listed and I’ll have one of my girls choose a winner! I’ll take comments towards this give away until September 29th.

Thanks everyone and I’ll be back very soon!


I found this on YouTube as well! Woo hoo!


21 thoughts on “Material Mama Podcast Show #25 ~~ The Apron Lady

  1. Meg, I’ve been a fan of aprons for a long time; my Grandma always wore one, my mom too. I was excited to hear EllynAnne’s interview but it was too quiet…or too much microphone feedback; I didn’t get to hear much at all 😦

    Ah well……will be looking forward to hearing more from ya soon. Did you see I changed my website?? Its a tribute to my grandma, as she was the beginnings of who I am today. I needed a place to showcase my dolls & slings & such; not so much a business site as a gallery. Anyway…sign me up for the apron book drawing. I’d LOVE to have it; I always wear an apron in the kitchen….its a really comfortable ritual I started awhile back. YOU really need a great apron too!


  2. I’m enjoying the Apron Lady! I am inspired to get my grandmother’s apron out of storage and use it! It’s pink gingham with black cross-stitch. Thank, Nutmeg.

  3. Carolyn says:

    ((((((((Meg)))))))))))) This was such a great podcast! I was laughing and getting all mushy at the same time!

    Thanks for all you do again and again!
    Carolyn A.

  4. What a great giveaway!
    I had to do a shout-out on your last post on my blog, because that Google Booksearch is amazing. I’ve already found/received three books through my library and the interlibrary loan system, which Google makes so easy to use! No more mindless wandering the library aisles, only to come away empty-handed!

  5. Julie says:

    I’m fairly new to this podcast, but am really enjoying the ideas and the “mom” feel to the shows.

  6. Thank you SO much for sharing this delightful lady and her apron stories with us! I listened while commuting on my bus to work this morning, trying not to laugh too loud, and then at the end I had tears in my eyes! I thought about it all day and listened again on the way home! I hope you don’t mind if I post a link to your podcast to our ASG chapter’s yahoo list, for all the other ASG’ers who could not go to convention this year?
    Good luck with the teaching – did I hear you say you were only teaching one day a week? How can you do that?!
    Hope you post some pics of the cute things you made for your daughter starting kindergarten!
    Thanks again! Love your podcast!

  7. Tina says:

    I loved hearing The Apron Lady. Who would guess how interesting it would be to hear about aprons. She really brings in the human factor, and is so entertaining to listen to. Thanks for sharing! I’d love to receive a copy of her book! And I enjoy your podcasts. I like to listen while I’m quilting.

  8. Kelli says:

    Another excellent podcast, Meg. It must have been a hoot to listen to her presentation live.
    I am really excited to hear the buzz about aprons again. I have been wearing one in the kitchen because they are just downright practical, but I’ve recently been tossing around in my brain the idea of wearing one ANY time housework is to be done. Just think of all the times it would be useful, hanging clothes on the line, having a cloth handy to mop up unexpected spills, an extra pocket to stuff something in until it finds it’s rightful home. Of course, If I’m going to wear an apron like this it has to be lightwieght and cute!
    Very inspiring.

  9. BonaDea says:


    Thank you for sharing the Apron Lady with us.

    I really enjoyed listening to her as I hung laundry on the line while wearing my cloths pin apron as she told the story of the cloths pin apron. Such a pleasure.

  10. Sew Younique says:

    This was a great podcast. I listened you at 5am during my morning walk before getting ready for this. Let me tell you, this was a great way to start my day today. It brought back a lot of fond memories of my grandmother (who is still alive at 93) and led me to wonder about the other women in my life who I did not get to meet. I have a stash of home made items from my great grandmothers. Now I have to dig out the box and look through the items in a whole new light. The next time I talk to Nanny, I will have to ask her some questions. EllynAnne brought up some good points for me to ponder today. If I won this book, it would be very special to me. Listening to EllynAnne unexpectedly today opened up a door in my heart and allowed me to grow today! Thank you for sharing.

  11. I may be only 17, but I love your podcast! I got a sewing machine for my 15th birthday and I’m just addicted. =)
    I’ve been looking for a good apron pattern too, because I love to cook as well as sew.

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