Material Mama Podcast Show #24.5 ~~ One for the kids

 Material Mama Show #24.5 Show Notes

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If you don’t have Juice or iTunes to download my free shows about sewing, you can use this direct link to all podcasts. Once there you can click to play, or right click the link to podcast # 25 to save to your computer to listen to later, or to put on your mp3 player.

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Leave me a voicemail question or comment by telephone: 1-775-593-5136

For your kids, or the kid in you. A radio show of the film Snow White from 1937, that was produced by Lux Theater on December 26, 1938, with Walt Disney and Cecil B Demille. From the real old time radio days, these things should not be forgotten. Listen together or use it for some free time to sew and I’ll be back in a day or two!



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