Sewing’s Resurgence

Another article by that intrepid reporter, Anne Gonzales

Sewing’s Resurgence
Hobbyists and business owners alike are taking advantage of the renewed popularity of the craft
Sacramento Business Journal – August 17, 2007

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Michelle Singleton likes to sew, but she doesn’t fit the common stereotype of apron-clad grannies huddled in a sewing circle from a black-and-white-tinged era. The 20-year-old Sacramento City College student represents a new kind of seamstress coming into the fold.

“I sew because I’m a fashion design major, and I like to design and make my own clothes and accessories,” said Singleton, who started sewing in college classes in 2005. “I make my own stuff and I wear it, so I can get exposure for my designs.”

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One thought on “Sewing’s Resurgence

  1. Jayne says:

    This is a very belated thank you for all the wonderful hours of enjoyment you’ve given me while listening to your podcasts! I have a very boring, physical job that would be extremely tedious if not for my iPod and the joy of listening to your stories. You’ve made me laugh many times and smile countless others. My children are quite a bit older than yours but you’ve brought back many memories of when they were young and I so love when we can hear them playing in the background while you’re recording 🙂 I am so grateful that people like you and Sister Diane from Craftypod are generous enough to devote some time to educate and entertain us and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    I hope to hear a new podcast from you soon, but until then, will listen to your older ones over and over again. Take care!

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