about nutmeg

Howdy! I am a stay at home mama and soon to be part time teacher again. My girls are Emmie (15), “M” (5) and “m” (3). I’m a Native Northern Californian. I love to travel, create, knit, sew, craft and mom.

My podcast, Material Mama is available every few weeks. Nothing fancy, just some fashion sewing chatter to help me stay sane. Free to you, and that’s always my favorite price.

You can also visit me at my shop, CookiePants.

Drop me a line at material mama at gmail dot com, I love to hear from listeners. It’s what keeps me going!


2 thoughts on “about nutmeg

  1. Hi Megan,

    Thanks for the voicemail. I’m glad you are enjoying the shows. I wanted to let you know that episode #31 of my vidcast is a full ride through of “It’s A Small World”. Please check it out on iTunes. I’d love to hear what you think of this show since you are all such big fans of IASW.

    Best Regards,

  2. Hello my name is natalie
    and i saw for years in higth school
    but when i got out i stop
    no muching to saw with lol
    but for Christmas my DH got my Brother
    and i starting to saw again
    yes i want to try to make my kids daipers
    i lol when here that in your potcast
    i love you show
    thank you for helping get back into sawing

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