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I’m in the process of trying to get my stuff together, things have been very busy for the last few years. My oldest got married, the other two were diagnosed with Thyroid Disease, someone close had a heart attack. Everything is good now, but it’s taken a toll on my ‘podcast’ and keeping up to date.

I’m revamping my sites:  Classroom Hacks   CookiePants Advocacy  I’m also updating  JustNutmeg which will put everything together in one easy to find place.

I’ve been adding in a “Science Docent’ site that supports STEM and STEAM education, particularly girls in elementary science education.

For now, you can find me in one of these places:

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Long time, last post

I had a blog here, called Juggling Jello.  It was going great!  However it got a little too much exposure and mr. big got uncomfortable with it.   We had some legal issues with our oldest daughter and wanted to have a tiny web footprint.  All that is over, but in between I deleted it, after saving most of the posts.  I re uploaded them here, but the order is all messed up and most of the pictures are gone.  Mostly I’m using this to refer back to things I’ve talked about before.

I’m not going to keep  up with this blog, since Anne’s FABULOUS article is a great ending.  I sure wish she’d write a book.  I keep encouraging her!   She is still writing, mostly for the Bee and SF Chronicle and occasional magazines.  We met in childbirth class when pregnant back in 1991.  You can hear the whole story on my podcast “Women’s Labor”.  Pretty funny stuff.  To me anyway LOL.   Our oldest children have both turned 17 and we haven’t had time to sit down for a real podcast.  We crack each other up far too much anyway LOL.

Thus, I took time off from personal blogging.  I now put the semi personal stuff up with my podcast stuff, over at Materialmama.com.  Makes things easier anyway 🙂

Thanks for understanding, and I’m sorry for the sudden disappearance.   To those who have emailed me and encouraged me, thanks.  I feel more comfortable posting these now.

Cheers!  Nutmeg

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Congratulations to Chickengirl for winning the book, The Apron Book!

by EllynAnne Geisel

I’ve been busy sewing for Kindergarten! I haven’t taken pictures of everything but here are a few:1450994626_59f9311ac61




gymboree blanket on sale to make this Ottobre pattern romper for a friend’s new baby I got to make this t@ggie for a new baby boy in the family. She is my eldest’s piano teacher, thus the Kokopelli.
1415569562_1208707c2e1 1414690097_ad9286be9d1

One of my most favorite things I did was this dress to match the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See?


I found some great varigated cotton fabrics to use to cut out the characters from Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you Hear by Eric Carle. I made photocopies of the last page where all the animals are pictured for Mary’s dress, then used those for the templates.


Well then little Miss Mary couldn’t decide, so she wanted all of the animals on a shirt. Then a dress. then a green dress. So I make the twirly dress from SewBaby, and created iron ons out of some of my wovens. She wore this to school today and got FIVE compliments just walking to school! The teacher said she had to take her all over the school to show it off. Wow, that was pretty cool DH said That is Beautiful! I think that’s the highest compliment he’s ever given me on my sewing


Happy girl 🙂

For lil’ sis, I created a purple horse from the same book. For the shirt, I photocopied the horse, and cut it apart like Eric Carle did in the book with paper. Then I used fast 2 fuse or some double sided sticky fusible stuff. I traced the outlines on the fabric (nothing special, just bits of wovens I had lying around) on different purples, trying to emulate the paintings Carle did.

Then I ironed them on, and used my free motion embroidery settings and variegated thread to embellish. Time consuming but easy.



Spend, Save, Give

Spend: Hugo’s Amazing Tape

Save: Motivated Moms

Motiveted Moms 2008 chore planner

Motivated Moms 2008 planner with Bible verses

Give: ASG and Wild Ginger worked together to create patterns for children and adults in wheelchairs and with other special dressig needs. Check out the free iCare patterns and sew some up for your local Shriner’s Hospital!

FREE iCare© Patterns Download

iCare is a fully functional FREE program for creating gowns, pajamas, and accessories for patient medical care.

The purpose of the iCare sewing patterns program is to provide custom-sized sewing patterns for hospital gowns, pajamas, and accessories for medical care. This program is provided free of charge to anyone who wishes to sew garments for non-profit and charitable purposes. Patterns printed from this program and garments made from these printed patterns may not, under any circumstances, be sold to anyone for any reason without express written permission from Wild Ginger Software, Inc. These patterns are the copyrighted property of Wild Ginger Software, Inc. The iCare sewing patterns program is distributed under license by Wild Ginger Software, Inc. Installation and use of this program implies acceptance of the terms of this license.

A Chat with: Marcy Tilton

Marcy Tilton silkscreening and patterns – a nice chat with Marcy and her sister at the ASG conference

Free Pattern: Ruby Doll from One Red Robin


I’m reading and re-reading. Some are sewing related, some newbies, some are old friends. Worth a peek!

Random books from my library




I have done this every year, but thought I should say it in case anyone was looking for me.

I have shut down CookiePants.com on each Sept 11 since the first anniversary of the attacks. I put up a tribute but I won’t be around until the 12th. It’s still a tough day for me and I’d rather spend it with my children at the park or outside holding my family close.

The video tribute on my site is the Live version of Overcome with footage from 9-11-01 so be aware if it may disturb you or your children.