Updating, updating updating!

Hello and howdy!

I’m in the process of trying to get my stuff together, things have been very busy for the last few years. My oldest got married, the other two were diagnosed with Thyroid Disease, someone close had a heart attack. Everything is good now, but it’s taken a toll on my ‘podcast’ and keeping up to date.

I’m revamping my sites:  Classroom Hacks   CookiePants Advocacy  I’m also updating  JustNutmeg which will put everything together in one easy to find place.

I’ve been adding in a “Science Docent’ site that supports STEM and STEAM education, particularly girls in elementary science education.

For now, you can find me in one of these places:

Twitter  Pinterest  Instagram  Periscope (I’m @Nutmeg)

Long time, last post

I had a blog here, called Juggling Jello.  It was going great!  However it got a little too much exposure and mr. big got uncomfortable with it.   We had some legal issues with our oldest daughter and wanted to have a tiny web footprint.  All that is over, but in between I deleted it, after saving most of the posts.  I re uploaded them here, but the order is all messed up and most of the pictures are gone.  Mostly I’m using this to refer back to things I’ve talked about before.

I’m not going to keep  up with this blog, since Anne’s FABULOUS article is a great ending.  I sure wish she’d write a book.  I keep encouraging her!   She is still writing, mostly for the Bee and SF Chronicle and occasional magazines.  We met in childbirth class when pregnant back in 1991.  You can hear the whole story on my podcast “Women’s Labor”.  Pretty funny stuff.  To me anyway LOL.   Our oldest children have both turned 17 and we haven’t had time to sit down for a real podcast.  We crack each other up far too much anyway LOL.

Thus, I took time off from personal blogging.  I now put the semi personal stuff up with my podcast stuff, over at Materialmama.com.  Makes things easier anyway 🙂

Thanks for understanding, and I’m sorry for the sudden disappearance.   To those who have emailed me and encouraged me, thanks.  I feel more comfortable posting these now.

Cheers!  Nutmeg