Great Dye (and other) Tutorials

Here’s one from Uncommon Threads, on DIY:

Some other fun, sewing related videos.

A tour of a Fabric Store, great for newbies to sewing

Mastering Silk with Sandra Betzina

Making a Muslin

Accurate Darts

A tour of the Stitch Lounge in San Francisco. What a GREAT concept!

Material Mama Podcast Show #23

Welcome friends!

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Show 23 notes

This just in! Make fabric labels, and don’t forget your 40% off coupon

Fabric Cards

These are just about the most fun thing I’ve ever sewn! So easy and they turn out so pretty!

I got my wovens together, mostly scraps. I ironed them on to heat and bond. I sewed them in patchwork style, cut them up, resewed them until they looked like a crazy quilt.

I then ironed it on to some thick interfacing. I popped on my darning/embroidery foot, lowered the feed dogs and using a variegated embroidery thread I quilted the heck out of the sheet of fabric in a random pattern.

Then I cut them out to fit the card, so that there was a bit of a margin all the way around. I used a straight stitch around the card to secure it to the paper. I didn’t have any spray on glue, or I would have used that too.

I either sewed on the tag or a button to the front by hand. Then I cut a piece of cardstock to fit the inside of the card, again with a small margin, to hide the stitches.

I can’t decide if I should put some in the summer swap or the card swap or sell them LOL. I scanned them to the color is a little stark, they are softer IRL

Fabric at Ikea

Dying tutorial on Uncommon Threads — YouTube Link

dying pillowcases, fabric and dresses for the girls I used Dharma dyes, salt, hot water and dark green, rasberry and ice blue to make some lwi dyed clothing and pillowcases.

Other finds:
Home dec sewing – bathroom valances, pillowcases, etc.
I like using shower curtains (not plastic) for drapes and grocery bags. tough and generally pretty water resistant.

I visited JapanTown, and picked up some (more) fabulous Japanese craft books. Bags, home decoration, patchworks, and some girl’s wardrobe 110-150. I’ll have the ISBN numbers on my podcast notes

I didn’t do any fabric shopping, but my husband’s company gave him a fun little digital camera. It’s truly just point and shoot! I’ll have to do a few little projects for an upcoming podcast.

block printing —
I found some linoleum squares for a dollar and a wood block for a few more, and some cutting tools at the Japanese shop in SF as well. I have been practicing printing/stenciling with styrofoam from meat trays, like I did back in my childhood.

For dying: Look at H and M, if you have one close. I don’t think you can order online but I could be wrong. They have really cute tops for around 4.00 each for kids. Much better price than Dharma or anywhere else, IMO.

Purses and bags!
I made the purse I chatted about earlier, as well as one out of the fabric I bought from that eBay seller in China. I used one of the patterns from my Japanese Bag book I got in San Francisco.

New purchases from JapanTown:

There is a bag contest going on over at Sew Mama Sew

and another contest at Sewing Mamas

A day in my life: I took a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day, but I didn’t document that LOL. Here we are on a very typical day You can use the slide show feature to watch it easier, IMO.

Neat blogs: CraftApple

Lotus bag free bag pattern
neat seamstress apron

Pink Chalk Studio
Note Taker Pattern

A fabric folio designed to hold an 8 1/2″ x 11 3/4″ paper notepad. Built in pockets provide roomy storage for important papers, writing utensils and business cards. Wherever you go, take notes in style. Great for gifts too. Pattern includes instructions and full sized pattern sheet. Make everyday art today!

Jointed Waldorf Doll Sew Along



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Material Mama Podcast #22

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Show #22 Notes

“my” baby ducks are growing up so fast!

Noun tees with Audrey– she was inspired by the MiniBoden catalog. Now that I’ve looked there too, I have some great ideas as well!

A noun t-shirt is a big-ol’-noun on a solid color boy’s t-shirt. Sam has: paper airplane, humpty dumpty, stop sign, safety cone, gorilla, tiger, waffle, see saw, and one of his own 2D self. I’ve used fabric paint & applique, and if I’m feeling super crafty, both together. Here are her samples, quite inspiring!

100n-2501_dsc1.jpg 100n-7071_dsc1.jpg 100n-3535_dsc.jpg 100n-3546_dsc.jpg 100n-6913_dsc.jpg177-7776_img.jpg

Podcast paper with Anne

Great fabric ebay seller if you like Japanese inspired wovens

Free Ottobre Tank pattern inspiration

New books from Amazon Japan and Yes Asia — Biggest difference is shipping time!

New book from Amazon

Neat new fabric color matching website

Appliqué ideas and hints from Carol

Fabric cards, and ATC’s using fabrics. Denise Schmidt has a sample of her book, that features fabric cards here. I found a great tutorial here for fabric postcards. I use thi method, and I adore that she uses wine as part of her process LOL!

New shipping information on MaterialMama

Great information for coverstitching people

Awesome free bikini pattern from Blueprint Magazine Tie One On: DIY Swimsuits :


Lots of links to free patterns at this blog: My Half of the Brain

I created a public Ottobre Design group on Flickr. Please join in! I’d love to see your creations.

Top Ten Patterns for Beginners, from Pattern Review

Inspiration! Jayme Bodice

You can do so many things with a pattern. This time I’m highlighting the ‘Jayme Bodice Pattern’ that was created by Jayme DeHart, of Dehart Designs. She shared this with the Sewing Mama board and I’m uber thankful.

If you have finished Jayme bodice items, you can post a link here in the show notes. Thank you so much!

This is a free pattern she offers the sewing world, you can download it here:


You can download the directions here or view them here

These are dresses made by Jayme, followed by other mamas who took up the idea!

dahhliadress1.jpg sisterdresses lilidresses1.jpg Here is some inspiration for you, when looking at one small pattern.

From Amanda, her daughter’s favorite tank tops are the jayme bodice just lengthened:

img_5512.jpg img_6324.jpg img_5564.jpg

From Shannon Undershirt/boxers sets and an A-line summer dress:

boxerslots1.jpg cherrydress.jpg

From Cheryl These are wovens! she puts elastic inside the straps at top, for an easy fit, that doesn’t have the straps falling down on her “skinny minnie”. She also just did this one for St Pattys day, with a tie shoulder strap.

stpats.jpg 4thdress.jpg

From Heather

shelbyrose2.jpg shelbysheriff.jpg

From Mich


Bobbi Jo has done a lot with one pattern as well:

I use snap closure on the top instead of ties and I have also always used wovens for these:


This one is made into a lined bodice with regular straps instead of bias and with button closure:


Here is a shortened version as a shirt and capri’s:


As an a-line summer dress


Some things I’ve made for my girls:

484502006_c55d4ebf101.jpg 497354992_b08684bc741.jpg163177342_1b5ae2c1c01.jpg166774535_b83e43aaec1.jpg181776595_23914204911.jpg

Material Mama #19

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Show #19 notes:

The Quilt Show is a new online program by Alex Anderson of Simply Quilts fame. Check it out! You have to be a member to read the blog, and a paying member to watch the show, just FYI.

I got a great set of patterns for under 18.00 from this seller on eBay. I thought it was a great deal!

While in Hawaii, I discovered that there is a Hawaiian Fabric Outlet. Be still my beating heart LOL. Great fabric, really nice people and a huge warehouse of fabric. What could be better?

I did great on thrifting last week, take a look at my take!!! I went to Sac’s, which is a real hit or miss. Do you have a great thrift store in your town? I also like Legacy in Sebastapol CA and Scrap in San Francisco. You can find lists of shops in your area by looking at this site or Yelp.

I’ll use these for cookie jars, I just love them!!

twill tape:

Embroidery machine parts and hoops:

bias tape and hand needle punched poodle:

vintage patterns:

Vintage craft and cook books

Old Mad and Crack’d magazines, all from the early 1980’s

Huge button collection. The girls have been playing with them, but they are really old and some are cool:

There was a sewing machine as well, but I don’t really need another. I wonder where the embroidery machine got to though…

Speaking of tons of crafty stuff, I found this great Organization site. I love her challenges and will do the declutter one in May


Speaking of organizing, have you tried folding your fabrics like this? I hear it’s very therapeutic. You can check out website or purchase her book:


Please consider a donation to CCI. They are a very worthwhile organization.

Material Mama Podcast #15

Yikes! I just heard a section where it sounds like I’m on some major Valium. Let me remix that and re up load it. Sorry!!!!! Here is the correct one:

Welcome to show #15

Or click here to download the mp3 podcasts directly

Today I chatted about: The Puyallup SewExpo,, is coming to town again and with it all the speakers, vendors, innovators, authors, and instructors from around the sewing world. My understanding is that this is the largest sewing world event of the year in the country and possibly the world for home-sewists.

Listener Mary suggested SewBaby as well as Lamington Lane . I also have gotten them off ebay, from Serena, and Luscious Labels.

Listener Amy was wondering:

Something interesting I have learned about myself is that Spring makes me sew. My machine can be dormant for long stretches but something about April causes me to make a skirt, dress, or something else to wear. I wonder if any of your listeners have noticed they also have seasonal stitcher’s itch (and if so, what season?).

Alex Anderson was also chatting about it on her podcast, I think it was #50. I really enjoy her podcast, she interviews very interesting shop owners and more! Whether you quilt or not, take a listen. Her most recent podcast is about how to buy a new machine.

So far my podcasters challenge is going great! Sage Tyrtle mentioned it on her podcast, Quirky Nomads. I know we can be so divided on political opionions but I am so pleased that we can come together as mothers and humans to give even a little love and hope to a child. Thank you Sage!!!!!

If you’d like another great sewing podcast to listen to, check out Alex Anderson’s podcast. While she does focus on quilting, I think there is a lot to learn from her sewing experience and she has a great voice for podcasting!

Check out the free Ottobre tank top for a fun addition to the summer wardrobe for the kids. If you’d like a direct link to the .pdf version, click here.

Sister Diane from Crafty Pod is knitting up in Second Life and I’m thinking of logging in again.

Here is my ‘brand new’ serger!

This week’s review, Sewing with Sergers: The Complete Handbook for Overlock Sewing by Pati Palmer and Gail Brown

Need some Valentine’s Inspiration? Check these out: fold an oragami heart, make bookmarks, the goodie-bag ideas, Paper CD sleeves for Valentine’s cookies, Heart Garland, easy sewn fortune cookies

Sewzanne’s Fabrics is offering a discount to Material Mama listeners. If you use the coupon code MM5, you’ll get 5% off your total order! Plus they discount shipping if you’re ordering just patterns.

Please check out Lisa’s great dolls here. She is a true artisan! I have two of her dollies and my girls are in absolute love with them. I can’t wait to purchase more. Hurry, they won’t last I’m sure!!! Here are my girls opening up thier special orders from LaSageFemme:

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How a bobbin works

edited to update:

I did not create this picture.  I thought it was clever.  I realize it’s not perfect.   Thanks for understanding.

No, I can’t change the graphic.  If you’d like to and email to to me, knock yourself out LOL

You can see the more recent updates at my new blog, here:


Wow, I got a bunch of new comments! Sorry, I just noticed them and approved them. Apparently it was on Craft Magazine, as well as Crafting Daisies and Dvorak’s site.  I am not sure where the graphic came from, it was sent to me a long time ago.

So, thanks for listening and for sharing!

Those of you wanting me to change or explode the design, I’m sorry, but I’m just a sewing mama that podcasts about parenting and sewing, I’m NOT a graphic designer or engineer. I thought it was interesting to share with my listeners. If you’d like to do a more complete graphic, feel free. I don’t go much past creating graphics using PhotoDraw.

I don’t have a ‘sweatshop’ machine or industrial one, just a Singer Ergo 3. 🙂


I had no idea how this worked until I found this little gem. I still wonder why they can’t make a machine that will take another spool of thread, thread it around so one can use that instead of having to wind bobbin after bobbin…..

No, I can’t change the graphic.  If you’d like to and email to to me, knock yourself out LOL