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Show 21 notes

Leave me a voicemail question or comment by telephone: 1-775-593-5136

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Thank you to Andrea from Wanted Web Design for coming up with my new banner on my site! I love her work, check it out if you’re interested in any graphic work!

Etsy contest — thanks Katie for pointing it out to us! Etsy and Instructables have come together for this contest. You sew something and then create a tutorial for it. They have 3 categories:

• The Sew Helpful Award — goes to the most useful thing that helps others in need;
• The Sew Hybrid Award — goes to the best combination of sewing and technology; and
• The Sew Educational Award — goes to the best Instructable tutorial.

What has sewing taught you? I wrote an essay on what it’s done for me.

Update on SWAP sewing site

Neat book swap site — Swap paperback books for FREE –

Fun new sewing light for just 6.99 at Ikea:


New book purchases. I’m interested to see which company is faster. Amazon Japan or YesAsia. This is what I ordered:

From YesAsia. Free shipping, these books were 11.99 and 20.99 respectively. Because I bought from them before I got a 15.00 credit so this was a very good deal:

457911020X 452903397x.jpg

From Amazon Japan. 11.26 each. I had a credit from them since I shopped there before, .90 so my total with shipping was 48.84. Ordered May 21, arrived May 24th via DHL:4579110544457911132X

I also found an eBay seller with good feedback that sells cuts of Japanese and other imported fabrics that are just tdf! I’ll post a picture when they arrive 🙂

Jayme, jayme jayme! We love your bodice pattern! Check this page out for samples of what you can do with this fun pattern.


I made some Jayme style tank dresses, but I used the most recent Ottobre (3/07) check out #9 , you can use the front piece as a Jayme bodice 74-110 cm.  It worked perfectly! I love this fabric, I got it at Sewzannes. I used the FOE (Fold Over Elastic) you usually use on diapers, it was thicker and more sturdy. I attached it with an elastic zig zag stitch.

I had to put tee shirt on under as it was cool in the morning and I still wanted them to wear these for Mother’s Day LOL

rags01.jpg rags31.jpg
Rags: Making a little something out of almost nothing

I found this super awesome book at the thrift store. You may have seen it in the pile of ‘treasures’ last week. Well I finally cracked it open and honestly, I’m amazed. This book is wonderful! I read a fairy tale, The Little Laundress. I have been trying to get in contact with the authors to beg them to put it back into publication, or perhaps I can do it for them. Who knows. Now, you can scoop up this book for less than five bucks, I say do it now if you have any interest!

I like to use receiving blankets that are doubled to make matchy outfits for the girls. I can often find them on deep discount or at thrift shops for a song.

dsc054041.jpg dsc054071.jpg dsc054091.jpg
Sewing for Boys

Have you used the free Ottobre tank pattern? I’d LOVE to share your pictures and results with my listeners. Please send me a link or the pictures at: materialmama at gmail dot com and I’ll share it like I did with the Jayme bodice pattern. If you don’t have it, here it is. It’s a .pdf file so it may take a moment to open.

This just in! Check out this great article about women sewing at home. Way to go Marcy and Hayden!

Material Mama #20

Wow, 20 podcasts! Thank you so much for your continued support! I started on a whim really but this has been such a wonderful learning experience and I’m so glad to have made the sewing world a little cozy, small and more personal.

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Show #20 notes:

My good friend Anne is writing a paper on women and sewing for a college course she’s taking. She interviewed me, and some other podcasters. She’s looking for some podcast listeners to chat with, please check out my blog for her information,

One listener wasn’t sure what that sound was at the beginning of my show. It’s my Sewing machine.

I mentioned a singer I saw in Hawaii last month. Her name is Paula Fuga, and she’ll be in California this month! If you live in San Diego, Santa Barbara, or Malibu, check out her site at You can hear some of her music on her myspace page as well as her homepage.

Update from Edmay Mayers

Parent Hacks

WD 40 on scissors

Before and after fabric folding pictures:

Sewing Area before:

and after:

Ottobre patterns — jayme bodice and “Hanna” dress. I made a fun pj top using the tank dress pattern. My suggestions to Ottobre to make a pattern for Hanna-esque Play Dress and Leggings in sizes 74-130 would be just perfect 😉

Need a good laugh? Thread Bared

SWAP — Sewing With A Plan ideas for summer

Fun strawberries from Danielle at Princess Nimble-Thimble

New podcasts on the block!

Sew Forth Now. Lori had a wonderful interview last week with a woman who owns a knit shop who shared information about different knits and their qualities and how to sew. VERY informative! She linked a neat site those of us with a sewing jones, Be Sew Stylish

Also, I just discovered ThreadBanger Thread Heads. Very cool indie vidcast. Check it out! I’m totally dying some tee shirts with coffee for the next swap I do.

I found a neat shop online, Sew True.

Thank you to Andrea from Wanted Web Design for coming up with my new banner on my site! I love her work, check it out if you’re interested in any graphic work!

Material Mama #19

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Show #19 notes:

The Quilt Show is a new online program by Alex Anderson of Simply Quilts fame. Check it out! You have to be a member to read the blog, and a paying member to watch the show, just FYI.

I got a great set of patterns for under 18.00 from this seller on eBay. I thought it was a great deal!

While in Hawaii, I discovered that there is a Hawaiian Fabric Outlet. Be still my beating heart LOL. Great fabric, really nice people and a huge warehouse of fabric. What could be better?

I did great on thrifting last week, take a look at my take!!! I went to Sac’s, which is a real hit or miss. Do you have a great thrift store in your town? I also like Legacy in Sebastapol CA and Scrap in San Francisco. You can find lists of shops in your area by looking at this site or Yelp.

I’ll use these for cookie jars, I just love them!!

twill tape:

Embroidery machine parts and hoops:

bias tape and hand needle punched poodle:

vintage patterns:

Vintage craft and cook books

Old Mad and Crack’d magazines, all from the early 1980’s

Huge button collection. The girls have been playing with them, but they are really old and some are cool:

There was a sewing machine as well, but I don’t really need another. I wonder where the embroidery machine got to though…

Speaking of tons of crafty stuff, I found this great Organization site. I love her challenges and will do the declutter one in May


Speaking of organizing, have you tried folding your fabrics like this? I hear it’s very therapeutic. You can check out website or purchase her book:


Please consider a donation to CCI. They are a very worthwhile organization.

Material Mama #18

I have to apologize for the sound quality. I got all the bits recorded then discovered it was a little jumpy. Also, this was recorded before we went to Hawaii, so it’s not totally up to date. But I figured you’d want it one way or the other LOL

Right click to download


Happy Spring! This little friend met me for breakfast last week.

Great DIY silkscreening tutorial All you need is :

a t-shirt, yucky/cheap paint brushes, an embroidery hoop, screen printing ink (I use Speedball brand), a glue that isn’t water-soluble (I use Mod Podge), curtain sheer material/tulle/old nylons, and a computer with a printer (or a good hand for drawing things).

Another DIY silkscreening tutorial

Also called cellulose transfer, you can use nail polish remover and copies or laser printouts to do this fun method!

here’s another cool site on image transfers:

check out the royalty-free image books from dover, they are awesome.

Make some food!

Colorfool has some great sewn food items, she used for a swap. There are some links on craftster and a really neat how to on making cakes! If you look at the Japanese crafting books, you’ll find many with felt, knit, crocheted and sewn foods. Wool felt feels best to me, but you can get wool/rayon blend felts at JoAnn’s.

Book Finds– I’ll talk about this on my next podcast but wanted to share:

You can find a few of the most popular Japanese crafting books translated into English! These titles are available from Amazon (US)

A few really neat ‘bucket’ items you could use for sewing organization:

You can print out free tape measures to keep your measurements handy!

Yelp is a neat site, reviews written by real people. I have a page for places I visit, join in and add sewing shops of your own! I like the fact that I can add in my own experiences, and see those of others. This is a great resource for when you are in an unfamiliar city and you need to find a fabric store.

Interested in selling at indie craft shows? Here is a great resource for you.

Have you thought about joining the ASG? (American Sewing Guild) Well, I interviewed some women at the booth up in Pullyap and wanted to share some great stuff with you!


I sewed up some mama clothes! I tried out Vogue 8151 New Look 6470 and Simplicity 6470

Dresses for the little girls:

McCall’s bloomer’s pattern 4505

Shirred peasant dress with ruffle — I make my girls is McCall’s 3417, I modified it to be three pieces rather than four — I changed the front of it to one wider piece.
I gather the front and back for dresses, just the front for jammies.

You can use a knit or woven. Fabric from Nicole at Fabric Hound. It sewed up really nice!

Material Mama Podcast #17

Just back from the Sew Expo in Puyallup Washington! You can see some of the fun on our flickr pages here. If you were at Sew Expo, you may have seen us or even been accosted by one of us. We always are trying to get new members because it’s so much fun with friends!

BIG thank you to Sarah of Home Dream Birth and Allison from Harmony Threads for creating such a wonderful retreat for us to hang out at.

I got some great machine embroidery tips from Walt Floriani. They have a great line of embroidery products. I particularly liked that they don’t have a machine to promote or sell so the interview was just about embroidery tips.

I LOVED learning a new way (to me) of silk screening. Ginny Eckley from PhotoEZ silkscreens was at the Expo and had some great artwork on screens.

Nancy Cornwell says hello to everyone! She was chatting about her new book. Please run out and get it, or click this link to purchase it Nancy Cornwells 90 Minute Fleece: 45 Projects for Beginners And Busy Sewers

Linda McPhee sent us some great ideas as well. She has some very creative patterns, check it out!

Pattern Review’s best patterns of 2006 by Diane Egelston — some great ideas and patterns!

Support the show! — special thanks to Mary from Check out her ADORABLE ‘poofs’!

Update from Edmay in Iraq: 423 boxes of toys so far!

Hi to all,
Wanted to give you an update on the toys, clothes, school supplies, candy, etc. As of today 3/6/07
we have received 423 boxes filled with love from the wonderful, caring, generous people in America (1 from Japan). I cannot thank you all enough. We had to order a conex for the boxes of toys and we now have our teams distributing the items and also the Army (82nd & 1/34th) doing the same – and we will probably have the Air Force taking some too. I am going to also check with the Romanian troops that serve with us – they probably would like some to distribute also. May God bless and keep each and everyone of you. All items sent will be used and given to the Iraqi people. /Edmay

Link to free diaper patterns:

Sewing for an interview:

I made a skirt using the “Kori” method for the waist and Kwik Sew 3003 bias cut chevron for the rest. I LOVE this pattern! I used a cotton/rayon/lycra blend finewale cord for the waist (no elastic). I got this at Sewzannes, and some Donna Karan over run cotton lycra for the skirt, from Vogue Fabrics at the Retreat.

Sewing for mama:

I am very excited to sew up this new Kwik Sew (3490) pattern! It reminds me so much of a 1950’s swing coat my great aunt made my mom. I plan on extending it to the knees, and using black wool, or this beautiful white flannel from Vogue fabrics.

Lots more next time!

~~~ Nutmeg

Material Mama Podcast #16

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Burdadesign OPEN SOURCE Sewing Patterns

Ottobre cords from the new Ottobre (1/07) great fabric from Sewzanne‘s, who is giving Material Mama listeners a 5% coupon, use code mm5 Plus they discount shipping if you’re ordering just patterns.

Kwik Sew 2446 vintage nightgowns

Sewing Expo

New Podcast on the block, Miss You Sew Much Welcome!

Material Mama Podcast #15

Yikes! I just heard a section where it sounds like I’m on some major Valium. Let me remix that and re up load it. Sorry!!!!! Here is the correct one:

Welcome to show #15

Or click here to download the mp3 podcasts directly

Today I chatted about: The Puyallup SewExpo,, is coming to town again and with it all the speakers, vendors, innovators, authors, and instructors from around the sewing world. My understanding is that this is the largest sewing world event of the year in the country and possibly the world for home-sewists.

Listener Mary suggested SewBaby as well as Lamington Lane . I also have gotten them off ebay, from Serena, and Luscious Labels.

Listener Amy was wondering:

Something interesting I have learned about myself is that Spring makes me sew. My machine can be dormant for long stretches but something about April causes me to make a skirt, dress, or something else to wear. I wonder if any of your listeners have noticed they also have seasonal stitcher’s itch (and if so, what season?).

Alex Anderson was also chatting about it on her podcast, I think it was #50. I really enjoy her podcast, she interviews very interesting shop owners and more! Whether you quilt or not, take a listen. Her most recent podcast is about how to buy a new machine.

So far my podcasters challenge is going great! Sage Tyrtle mentioned it on her podcast, Quirky Nomads. I know we can be so divided on political opionions but I am so pleased that we can come together as mothers and humans to give even a little love and hope to a child. Thank you Sage!!!!!

If you’d like another great sewing podcast to listen to, check out Alex Anderson’s podcast. While she does focus on quilting, I think there is a lot to learn from her sewing experience and she has a great voice for podcasting!

Check out the free Ottobre tank top for a fun addition to the summer wardrobe for the kids. If you’d like a direct link to the .pdf version, click here.

Sister Diane from Crafty Pod is knitting up in Second Life and I’m thinking of logging in again.

Here is my ‘brand new’ serger!

This week’s review, Sewing with Sergers: The Complete Handbook for Overlock Sewing by Pati Palmer and Gail Brown

Need some Valentine’s Inspiration? Check these out: fold an oragami heart, make bookmarks, the goodie-bag ideas, Paper CD sleeves for Valentine’s cookies, Heart Garland, easy sewn fortune cookies

Sewzanne’s Fabrics is offering a discount to Material Mama listeners. If you use the coupon code MM5, you’ll get 5% off your total order! Plus they discount shipping if you’re ordering just patterns.

Please check out Lisa’s great dolls here. She is a true artisan! I have two of her dollies and my girls are in absolute love with them. I can’t wait to purchase more. Hurry, they won’t last I’m sure!!! Here are my girls opening up thier special orders from LaSageFemme:

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