So apparently Material Mama’s main website was hacked. Ugh. No, those aren’t pictures I’ve put up. Apparently someone stole my domain. iPowerWeb was the provider and they have not been very helpful in dealing with the issue.

I’m doing my best to resolve it. I have no intention of paying to get my site back so I guess he’ll just have to pound sand. I think they try to use porn to extort people like myself. I’m working on a whole new portal for all my sites.

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– Nutmeg

How a bobbin works

edited to update:

I did not create this picture.  I thought it was clever.  I realize it’s not perfect.   Thanks for understanding.

No, I can’t change the graphic.  If you’d like to and email to to me, knock yourself out LOL

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Wow, I got a bunch of new comments! Sorry, I just noticed them and approved them. Apparently it was on Craft Magazine, as well as Crafting Daisies and Dvorak’s site.  I am not sure where the graphic came from, it was sent to me a long time ago.

So, thanks for listening and for sharing!

Those of you wanting me to change or explode the design, I’m sorry, but I’m just a sewing mama that podcasts about parenting and sewing, I’m NOT a graphic designer or engineer. I thought it was interesting to share with my listeners. If you’d like to do a more complete graphic, feel free. I don’t go much past creating graphics using PhotoDraw.

I don’t have a ‘sweatshop’ machine or industrial one, just a Singer Ergo 3. 🙂


I had no idea how this worked until I found this little gem. I still wonder why they can’t make a machine that will take another spool of thread, thread it around so one can use that instead of having to wind bobbin after bobbin…..

No, I can’t change the graphic.  If you’d like to and email to to me, knock yourself out LOL